Tube Swaging / Tube Tapering

Swaging capacity is from

1/6 O.D.  to  5 1/2 O.D.

Cold Rotary Swaging:  This process is done mostly with aluminum, copper or thin wall steel.  We take a tubing or a solid rod and reduce the outside diameter down to a specific diameter.  Cold swaging is relatively quick, inexpensive and chipless.  

Additional Services:   In conection with Swaging / Tappering, we also do I.D. Expanding / Flaring, Flattening, Tube Bending, Hole Punching or Piercing, Complete Machining of Torque Tubes, Push / Pull Control Rod Assemblies, Control Rods and Links.  We engineer and manufacture Inserts, Fittings and Rod-Ends for Tubular Assemblies.

Hot Rotary Swaging:  Premachined parts or tubing of alloy steels or stainless steel alloy are heated to the required forging temperature via a furnace or a Tocco induction heating unit.  Then when parts come up to the required temperature per specification of the particular material and then swaged down to the required diameter.

Aerospace Parts:     Landing Gear     Torque Tubes 

Struts  &  Bolts      Push / Pull  Tubes    

Control Rod Assembly

Dieform's Customer Commitment:

Our "Hot Swage" process is very specialized.  We can provide customers with a pre-swaged sketch to ensure that all inside dimensions will come out when parts are machined.  One more way to help our customers is our commitment to "Hot Swage" every Wednesday so that the parts are ready for the customer the following day.

Our quality System is based on ISO 9002 requirements and we have been surveyed by many of our aerospace customers including Boeing and Parker-Hannifin to be compliant to ISO 9002.

With over 35 years in the swaging business we have built up an extensive catalog of machine dies / tooling.  We produce our own tooling in-house at cost which saves the customer time and money.  We have more then 15 Swaging Machines that range from .060"O.D.  to as large as 5.500" O.D.